Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

I. Introduction

The following set of General Terms and Conditions (“GTC”) governs the relationship between Euro-live EU s. r. o., with the ID 52 718 051 and registered address at Studenohorská 4629/2C Bratislava – mestská časť Lamač 841 03 Slovakia, registered in the Commercial Register under File No. 141184/B, and the Buyer, who may also be a consumer (“Buyer”), in relation to a sales contract.

These provisions serve as a public offer agreement, replacing the need for a written contract.

By placing an order, the Buyer acknowledges that they have read the current GTC before entering into the contract. The Buyer specifically agrees to the representations and warranties outlined in Part II, as well as the Claims Code and Delivery Information, which are integral parts of these terms. The Buyer agrees to the terms as they are stated at the time of placing the order.

The Buyer will receive a copy of the GTC via email as an attachment to the confirmation email sent to the provided email address. The invoice, containing the contract details and the receipt issued according to the Sales Registration Act, will also be sent via email as a link to a portal where the invoice can be downloaded in electronic form. The Buyer agrees to this method of delivery. If desired, the Buyer can request a paper invoice using the contact form.

II. Pre-Contractual Statements and Assurances

The Seller provides the following representations and warranties to the Buyer:

A. The goods will be delivered to the Buyer once the Buyer has paid the price or made a deposit or a similar payment for specific services offered by the Trader, as requested by the Buyer.

B. The prices displayed on the Trader’s website for goods and services include or exclude VAT and all applicable statutory fees. Additionally, the delivery of products is free of charge.

C. The Buyer, acting as a consumer, has the right to cancel the contract within 14 days, except where otherwise specified:

– In the case of multiple products or parts delivered on different days, the cancellation period starts from the date the Buyer receives the last item.
– In ongoing contracts, the cancellation period starts from the date the Buyer receives the first item.

To cancel the contract, the Buyer must provide written notice to the postal or email address of Euro-live EU s. r. o., informing the Trader of their decision to cancel. This can be done in person at either www.robomarket.io store or through the contact form.

III. Sales Agreement
Contract Execution

The Buyer initiates the purchase of products remotely by adding selected goods, services, or digital content to the cart and proceeding to checkout or using the “Buy Now” option. Before finalizing the order, the Buyer has the option to modify the cart contents, as well as the chosen delivery and payment method. It is important for the Buyer to carefully review all the provided details and selected options in the order. The sales contract is considered finalized when the Trader confirms the order created by the Buyer; the Trader is not liable for any errors in data transmission. A confirmation email, sent to the email address provided by the Buyer, notifies the Buyer of the executed contract.

In certain cases, the Buyer may receive assistance from an employee of Euro-live EU s. r. o. to finalize the contract through email or the contact form on www.robomarket.io.

The confirmation email includes the most up-to-date version of the Trader’s GTC and Claims Code. Unless otherwise specified in the GTC, any amendments or cancellations to the executed contract (including the agreed price) require mutual agreement between the parties or must adhere to legal provisions.

Euro-live EU s. r. o. archives the contract for a minimum of five years from the date of its conclusion, or as required by relevant laws. The purpose of archiving the contract is for its performance and access is limited to parties with a legitimate interest in the contract. The process leading to contract execution is described comprehensively, and information about the individual technical steps is implied.


By executing the sales contract, the Trader undertakes to deliver the purchased goods or digital content/license to the Buyer, enabling the Buyer to obtain ownership or a license to use the product/digital content. The Buyer, in turn, agrees to accept the product/digital content and make the necessary payment to the Trader.

The Trader retains ownership of the goods until the purchase price is fully paid, and the same principle applies to purchased licenses or services.

The delivery of the product is typically conducted via email unless an alternative delivery method has been agreed upon between the seller and the buyer.

In the case of digital content, it is considered delivered when the Trader sends an email to the Buyer containing a download link for the content or when the download link becomes available in the Buyer’s user account. The Trader emphasizes that the download link is valid for 60 days, and it is the Buyer’s responsibility to download the digital content within this time frame.

Risk Transfer

A product is deemed faulty if it lacks the agreed-upon characteristics, if the Buyer receives a product different from what was ordered, or if the documents necessary for product usage contain defects.

The Buyer should examine the product, its characteristics, and quantity as soon as possible after assuming the associated risks. If any defects or faults are identified, the Buyer should promptly report them to the Trader.

The risk transfers to the Buyer when the product comes into the physical possession of the Buyer or when the Buyer refuses to accept the product despite being permitted by the Trader to dispose of it.

Trader’s Liability

The Trader guarantees that the product is free from defects at the time of delivery. Specifically, the Trader guarantees that, upon delivery, the product:
– Possesses the characteristics agreed upon by the parties, or if no agreement was reached, it possesses the characteristics described by the Trader, the manufacturer, or as expected by the Buyer based on the nature of the goods or advertising.
– Is suitable for the stated purpose provided by the Trader or for its intended use.
– Is provided in the specified quantity.
– Complies with the requirements mandated by law.
– Is considered defective if a defect arises within six months from the date of delivery.

Unless otherwise specified, the Buyer has the right to file a defective product claim within one month of delivery. However, if a gift is provided with the goods, the Buyer acknowledges that defective product claims can only be made within one month for the purchased goods, not for the gift. Claims regarding the gift can be made within 14 days of receiving the product.

Material Breach of Contract

If a defect arises within the specified time limit and the defective delivery constitutes a material breach of the contract, the Buyer has the right to:
– Request a replacement for the defective product.
– Request repair of the defective product.
– Request a reduction in the purchase price.
– Terminate the contract.

When filing a defective product claim, the Buyer must promptly notify the Trader of the chosen redress option and adhere to that option, unless the defect is initially reported as repairable but later deemed irreparable by the Buyer. If the Trader fails to rectify the defect within a reasonable timeframe or notifies the Buyer that it cannot be rectified, the Buyer may choose to request a reduction in the price instead of terminating the contract, or terminate the contract altogether.

If the Buyer fails to select a redress option within the specified timeframe, they will have the same rights as in the case of an immaterial breach, as outlined below.

The Buyer, acting as a consumer, also has the right to request a reduction in the price if the Trader is unable to deliver a defect-free replacement product, replace a component part, or repair the product within a reasonable timeframe, or if rectifying the defect would cause significant inconvenience to the Buyer.

Immaterial Breach of Contract

If the defective delivery constitutes an immaterial breach of the contract, the Buyer has the right to request either a replacement or a reduction in the price, proportionate to the defect.

Unless the Buyer claims a reduction in price or terminates the contract, the Trader may choose to deliver the missing parts or rectify the legal defect. For other defects, the Trader has the discretion to decide whether to repair or replace the product.

If the Trader fails to rectify the defect within a reasonable timeframe or refuses to do so, the Buyer may request a reduction in the price or terminate the contract. In such cases, the selected option cannot be changed without the Trader’s consent.

General Breach of Contract

The Buyer has the right to request a replacement if the defect can be rectified, but the product cannot be properly used due to recurring defects (the same defect occurs three times) or multiple simultaneous faults (three or more faults occur at the same time). In such instances, the Buyer, acting as a consumer, has the right to terminate the contract.

If the Buyer fails to promptly report a defect that could have been identified through proper and timely examination of the product, the defective product claim will not be processed.

Satisfactory Quality

A quality guarantee is a commitment by the Trader that the product is suitable for its intended purpose or retains its properties.

The guarantee takes effect upon the delivery of the goods to the Buyer.

If a defect arises due to external circumstances after the goods have become the Buyer’s responsibility, the Buyer is not entitled to make a claim under the guarantee.

Digital Content, Computer Software, and Other Materials

When utilizing digital content acquired from Trader, the Buyer must adhere to the obligations stated herein. Digital content, in this context, encompasses software, copyright laws, and product licenses (such as End-User License Agreements or EULAs). Failure to comply with these obligations may result in liability for damages and potential legal consequences.

The Buyer is permitted to utilize the digital content solely for personal use, unless stated otherwise in the license, and strictly for non-economic or non-business purposes, whether direct or indirect. The Buyer is prohibited from unauthorized copying, reproduction, extraction, or any other actions that contravene copyright laws, other applicable regulations, or the terms of the product license. In instances where the digital content has been unlawfully obtained, access may be denied and/or the license deactivated.

These conditions also extend to digital content presented by Trader to the Buyer as a gift.

IV. Data Protection and Privacy

The Privacy Policy governs the protection and processing of the Buyer’s personal data by Trader.

V. Business Hours of Our Company

Orders placed online are processed during our designated Business Hours:

Monday to Sunday: 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. (European time GMT+2).

If an order is placed by the buyer outside of the specified hours, it will be processed during the next working period following the receipt of the order.

The seller cannot be held responsible or liable for any failure to comply with the opening hours of the online store in the event of a system failure or force majeure.

VI. Prices

The prices listed for goods available in the online store are accurate at the time of publication. These prices are final and include VAT, as well as all taxes and fees payable by the Consumer for the goods.

Trader reserves the right to declare the sales contract null and void in cases where personal data, payment cards, etc., have been misused or upon the order of an administrative or judicial authority, of which Trader informs the Buyer.

Trader also reserves the right to declare the sales contract null and void if a discount or similar voucher has been used in violation of the voucher’s terms and conditions. This includes situations where:

– The discount voucher has been used to obtain goods other than those for which the voucher is intended.
– The discount voucher has been used in conjunction with other promotions, even if the use of multiple discounts is not explicitly prohibited.
– The discount voucher has been applied to a purchase with a value lower than the voucher itself.
– The discount voucher has been found to have already been used by Trader.

The Buyer acknowledges that the sales contract cannot be validly executed under the aforementioned circumstances, and Trader is entitled, among other things, to seek reimbursement for any unjustified benefits gained.

VII. Placing Orders

Orders can be placed in the following ways:

1. Online: Through the optional online store at www.robomarket.io
2. Email: By using the contact form available at [email protected]

When placing an order, the buyer can choose from the available payment options. The order is considered placed only after full payment has been made. Once the order is placed, the buyer will receive a confirmation email at the specified email address.

When placing an order online, it is mandatory for the buyer to agree to the terms outlined in this provision. Failure to agree to these terms will prevent the order from being placed, and payment cannot be made.

VIII. Contract Cancellation

The Consumer has the right to cancel the contract within a period of 14 days. The cancellation period begins on the day the contract is entered into and ends on the day the Consumer receives:

– The goods (in the case of a sales contract).
– The last of the goods (in the case of contracts involving the delivery of multiple products/parts on different days).
– The first of the goods (in the case of ongoing contracts).

To cancel the contract, the user can send a notification using the feedback form on the website www.robomaster.eu. Alternatively, the cancellation notice can be sent to: [email protected].

In the cancellation request, the user must provide an explanation for canceling the contract. In such cases, the user is not required to physically return the goods to the seller.

IX. Payment

The seller accepts various payment methods, including PayPal for traditional currency payments and coinbase.commerce for cryptocurrency payments.

The ownership of all goods remains with the Trader until the full payment is made. The risk associated with the goods transfers to the Buyer when the Buyer physically possesses them.

The Trader reserves the right to offer specific payment methods to the Buyer at their discretion.

According to the 289/2008 Coll. Act on the use of electronic cash registers, the Trader is obligated to issue a receipt to the Buyer and register the sale online with the tax authority. In case of technical difficulties, the registration should be done within 96 hours of the sale.

The Buyer cannot modify their billing information once the order has been placed.


If the Buyer cancels the contract with the Seller or is eligible for reimbursement for any other reason, the Trader will reimburse using the same payment method used by the Buyer for the initial purchase. The Buyer is responsible for providing accurate reimbursement details to the Trader.

X. Delivery

Product delivery to the Buyer’s address takes place during specified business hours.

The delivery of products occurs within 1 hours from the time the order is placed, provided it is during business hours.

Products are delivered to the email address provided by the Buyer during the order placement process.

The Buyer must enter the correct email address. If an incorrect email address was provided during the purchase, the Buyer must inform the Seller of the new address through the return mail form.

The Seller is not responsible for delays in delivery if the Buyer has specified an incorrect email address during the order placement. However, once the Buyer confirms the correct email address, the product will be promptly delivered to the Buyer’s address.

XI. Warranty for Products

The seller ensures that the digital products available for purchase on the www.robomaster.eu online store will function according to their provided descriptions. However, it is important to note that the seller cannot guarantee flawless performance of these digital products based solely on their past test results.

In the event of a technical defect, the buyer has the right to contact the support service of www.robomaster.eu in order to:

1. Resolve any issues related to product code corrections.
2. Request a replacement for the defective product.
3. Terminate the contract and receive a refund.

XII. Miscellaneous

Any contractual disputes will be governed by the laws of the Slovak Republic and settled by the competent Slovak courts.

The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) is not applicable, as stated in Article 6.

If any disputes arise between the trader and the buyer, they may also choose to settle the matter out of court. The buyer, specifically a consumer, can seek assistance from a dispute resolution body such as the Slovak Trade Inspection or utilize the Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform.

However, the trader advises the buyer to first contact the seller directly to address any issues before pursuing legal action.

Additionally, the seller acknowledges the possibility of resolving disputes through payment system platforms like PayPal.

For any inquiries, the trader can be contacted via email at [email protected].

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